The age publication

On July 16th, 2017, I had my very own story published in The Age, called ‘My Place: Kardinia Park’

A story very close to my heart, it was such a privilege to be published in an amazing newspaper like The Age!

​MY PLACE: A Sunset at Kardinia Park
Anna Pavlou

I’m 8 years old, running my fingers over white pickets, my eyes entranced on the sea of blue and white filling the worn down stands of Kardinia Park, my place.I’m fully engrossed in the game before me.

It’s gritty, this game of Australian Rules Football, but it’s a beautiful one too.

My faded blue seat tickles my back in the sun and I’m hanging over the fence, screaming across the lush green field of my childhood.

The smell of hotdogs and Dad’s aftershave fill the air and I feel safe.

This place holds my loved ones.

My flag is raised, flapping uncontrollably in the wind. I’m happy. I’m always happy here.

And I’m comfortable, because no matter where I go, my home at Kardinia Park in this small town will always be here.

8 years later, I still sit silently in the Payers Stand at the southern end of Kardinia Park. My eyes entranced on the streamers of blue and white and ecstatic green grass trampled with dark and muddy football boots.

The smell of face paint fills the air, bringing back the nostalgia of years of cat whiskers and Geelong flags brushed lightly onto my childish, innocent face, so overjoyed. Always overjoyed.

I’m bigger now, so is Kardinia Park. It’s almost like we grew up together. but it still feels the same, like home.

The sun sets and Kardinia Park comes to life, so I settle in.

I am home at last. I have found my place.