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ANNALYST: Sports Writer

  • Saving a club in a once in a lifetime pandemic

    It was a warm Thursday evening in 1980 when a 17-year-old Nic Pavlou mustered down to the Ross Gregory Oval on Albert Park Lake, St Kilda, told by good mate Dave Clerehan that he was [...]

  • Chelsea Football Club buyers given until April to make call

    To sport now and in the Premier League the Chelsea Football Club has given potential new owners until April 11 to put in their final bids. Anna Pavlou has more. TRANSCRIPT: The UK [...]

  • The Covering of Shane Warne’s Death

    It was an honour to cover Shane Warne's tragic and untimely death as it unfolded in the SEN Melbourne studio. My news went all over Australia, New Zealand and parts of the United Kingdom. LISTEN [...]


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