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  • Patience Wins

    “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet”- Jean-Jacques Rousseau   1963.   Not that I remember it or anything, but I know it was a good year and it would be the last good year [...]

  • THE WOMEN’S GAME: Honour the Past and Own the Future

    “To progress like we did today, that’s pleasing.” Read the rest of the story at The Women's Game below (AFLW Round 2, Carlton vs Adelaide)

  • THE WOMEN’S GAME: Georgie Rankin

    Rankin is a big name in Aussie Rules and a huge name in Geelong, but for Georgie Rankin, footy wasn't always on the horizon. Read the rest of this story here at The Women's Game: [...]


2301, 2019


“I don’t live a life of regrets.”   Casey Football Club Backman, Tom Freeman, insists that he learns from every experience and that he has [...]