To sport now and in the Premier League the Chelsea Football Club has given potential new owners until April 11 to put in their final bids.

Anna Pavlou has more.


The UK soccer side has had its ownership in limbo since Russia invaded Ukraine in late February, with current owner Roman Abranomvich a Russian citizen. Abramovich was rapidly slapped with sanctions from the UK government as Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to reduce Russian President Vladamir Putin’s power. Chelsea’s head coach Thomas Tuchel says he and his playing group have banded together. He says they’ll try to ensure their focus is on the games ahead of them. “You know at one point we needed to accept that we did not cause the situation and we cannot influence the situation, we cannot change the situation, no matter what we do and how much we talk about it and how much we worry.” The deadline for the bids lands just one day before Chelsea face Real Madrid in the second leg of their Champions League quarter final. That’s what’s making news in soccer with me, Anna Pavlou.