Round 15:
That fourth spot is heating up as MHSOB and Bulleen Templestowe had fantastic wins that will surely shake up the final four. The Brunswick boys snuck home for victory and Ivanhoe booted their way to a win that steers them clear of relegation. It was an intense round as we heat up towards the finals.
Bulleen Templestowe vs Glen Eira
This game was one for the ages as Bulleen overcame third-placed Glen Eira by a mere eight points to keep their finals hopes well alive.
Glen Eira were in the game early, leading by a goal at the first break, but Bulleen came out and put it all on the line in the second quarter, booting four goals and holing Waras-Carstensen and his Gryphons to only one major.
However, the game veered the other way in the second, as the Gryphons booted six goals to one to secure a handy lead for the final quarter.
It was set up to be a big one, as both sides had everything to play for. Bulleen’s backmen worked hard to allow only three Gryphons majors, while the Bullants forwards kicked six majors to sneak home to victory.
Jack Cowell booted six majors and was awarded votes for his great game, while Joseph Moio also had votes and a goal for the winners.
For the Gryphons, Ryan Cohen was awarded best with his three goals, while Julius Waras-Carstensen booted four.
Ivanhoe vs Power House
The Hoers have flexed their muscles and come home victors by 73 points over an injury-stricken Power House side. The Hoers, who celebrated their 1969 Premiership side, were strong after a slow start. The House trailed by a mere one point at the first break, as they held their own around the ground. But the quick movement up the guts from Ivanhoe saw them take a 15 point half time lead. It was primed to be a close second half, but the Hoers came out firing, booting seven goals and running the House into the ground, as the injuries picked up. The House were held goalless until halfway through the final term.
The House booted four final term goals, but it was too late to catch up to the Hoers, who take this percentage boost and steer clear of relegation.
The shining lights for Power House were Matt Devine in the middle and Rhys Gregory (1 goal).
For the winners, Sam Tansley booted four and Nathan Valkanis booted five.
MHSOB vs Hawthorn
MHSOB can breathe easy after a comfortable 80 points over an injury plagued Hawthorn side.
The Unicorns dominated on their home ground, but it didn’t come easy as Hawthorn booted three goals in the first term and held the lead.
But the Unicorns booted eight goals and held the Hawks to only one in the second quarter, to secure a much needed lead going into the main break.
It was five goals for MHSOB to the Hawks two in the third term, but the real damage was done to ice the cake, with a six goal to two final term for the Unicorns.
It was a tough day at the office for the Hawks, however they only missed three shots on goal all day, which is a great improvement.
Kane Smith was back to his best with five majors for the Unicorns, with BOG votes going to Tom Rendell with three goals to his name.
For Hawthorn, Tim McNamara booted two goals and was awarded best, supported by Jay Pandy across the ground.
Yarra Old Grammarians vs Brunswick
This one of the key games for Yarra Old Grammarians, but they faltered in the end as Brunswick pushed home to win by 18 points.
Yarra’s Rory Harbeck booted four first quarter goals to keep his men 3 points up leading into the second quarter. The pressure however was always there from the start, as they stayed in close contention in the second. However Yarra’s Matt Young booted two second quarter goals to go along with his sides’ other five goals, while Brunswick stayed close with four majors, to trail by only 16 points at the main break.
It was a lower scoring third term, with the Nobbers shutting down Harbeck and his men to only one major, while adding three to the Brunswick tally. The margin to kick start the final term sat at only five points with a full quarter to fight. But, the composure and experience of the ex-D1 Nobbers proved worthy, as they piled on five goals, while holding the Bushrangers to only 2 to finish off with the win.
Harbeck booted five for the day, while Simon Yeo was awarded best for Yarra. For the winners, Kyle Adams kicked four, supported by BOG Nick Burgin with one major.
Round 16:
Brunswick vs Ivanhoe
Brunswick have almost cemented second spot on the ladder and can use another win to help their percentage and can do so this week. The Hoers are however up and about after their big win last week and could challenge the Nobbers.
The Hoers young brigade have been fast and furious, which may test the Nobbers through the middle.
The Hoers will be eager to get a few boys back from injury, including Danny Jones, but have been able to suffice and actually work around their key losses.
However, the Nobbers overcame a hard-fighting Yarra last week and proved their poise and composure when it was needed most. They’ll take this win, but they’ll need to get through the fitness levels that the Hoers have been showing the past few weeks.
Glen Eira vs MHSOB
With Glen Eira’s third spot on the ladder looking a little threatened, this game is crucial for the Gryphons to secure their spot. MHSOB also need to keep in touch with a tight fight for fourth. This game will be massive in front of a big Glen Eira crowd, as both teams look for the four points to secure them in the finals.
Despite their hard loss last week, the Glen Eira boys know their game style well enough to overcome MHSOB in fast midfield fashion.
However, the Unicorns seem to have got some key players back from injury over the past few weeks, such as Kane Smith in front of goal, so their best 22 is evidently settling in.
This will be a game of fast, poised and open footy, as both sides like to play an attacking game. The Glen Eira structures are hard to beat however, so they should come out on top.
Hawthorn vs Bulleen Templestowe
This game will be an interesting one, as Hawthorn take on Bulleen at Rathmines. The Hawks match up well with Bulleen. Both sides play hard contested footy and when they met last time, the match was close. The Hawks on their smaller ground can do more damage up forward, so don’t be surprised if they pile on the goals in this winnable game.
However, just because they match up well, doesn’t mean Bulleen will fall at any time, as last weeks heoric win proved that they are a forced to be reckoned with. Bullant Jack Cowell has been a beast in front of goal, so he is someone the Hawks must shut down early to prevent scoreboard damage.
This game will be an intense battle, with the Hawks desperate for points down the bottom and Bulleen eager to keep in fourth position. It will be won off the backs of defenders, as a small ground means easier access and movement up forward.
Power House vs Whitefriars
It’s hard to fault the game of the Whitefriars and it’s hard to see them losing to Power House. This game will be a little bit more condensed on the smaller ground.
The only leg up the House may have is their ground size. If the House can clog up the free flowing Friars game in their ground, they’ll force them to play a harder contested match. The Friars love to utilize the wings but the House can slow down the multitude of options they present out wide and up forward. The House have a smaller back line which will match up well against the small Friars forwards. The Friars won’t want too much of a physical game going into the finals, but the House will give them a good contest. However, as proven, the Friars can and should win everywhere.
BYE- Yarra Old Grammarians