Ask me last year, what I thought of Steve Smith and I honestly would have turned my back on you.


In an article that I wrote for MCC Balcony Banter “BOXING DAY TEST- DAY 2, 2018: The Cape Town Three and the MCG” I attempted to put my pain into words and sum up exactly how many Australian felt in the midst of darkness last year:


“Australian Cricket hurt me. It hurt more than just me. It hurt every one of us who for years and generations, have proudly respected and supported the sanctity of the Baggy Green.


The actions of “The Cape Town Three”, Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft damaged the great name, history and tradition of our team and all that has been good in Australian cricket.


Nine months ago, if you had asked me, I would eulogise about former-captain Steve Smith. I would’ve told you how his leadership was something all Australian’s should aspire to. I’d say things were finally on the right track; the Australian team seemed to be clicking well, Smith and Warner were the best third-wicket batting partnership in world cricket and we played the right way, in the right spirit.


Sure, things weren’t perfect, but we played the game hard but fair.


Or so I thought…


So, I lost faith. We all lost faith…”


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