It’s the getting to the pointy end of the season and the fight for fourth position on the ladder seems to be firing up, with all sides eligible, taking hard fought losses this week. These results in the middle of the table, for Bulleen, MHSOB and Yarra make it challenging to see who will finish in 4th and make a finals appearance…
In other news, the top three sides in Whitefriars, Brunswick and Glen Eira came home with comfortable wins have cemented their spots, with Ivanhoe prevailed over Hawthorn….
Brunswick vs Bulleen Templestowe
The Brunswick boys have escaped a hard fighting Bulleen, eventually kicking away to take a 43 point win.
It was a tight tussle in the first quarter, with the low scoring sides tied up at 10-a-piece at the first break.
Brunswick’s David Royle booted two early second quarter goals to put his side ahead, but four second quarter goals from the Bullants edged them ahead to lead by 14 points at the main break. A refreshing break saw Nobber Geremie Ganino boot two early goals to push his side back into the game, while the pressure in and around every contest was upped to the next level. The Bullants kept in touch, however, managing to trail by only 13 points going into the deciding quarter. The Bullants unfortunately seemed to run out of legs in the final term, as they kicked only one more goal, while allowing the Nobbers to show off their poise and ice the win with six majors.
Brunswick’s Nick Burgin booted four, while BOG votes went to Tom Wilson in the win. For the Bullants, Kristian Cherbakof was strong again with three majors, supported by Tom Richards in this hard loss.
Glen Eira vs Yarra Grammarians
It was domination from Glen Eira, who prevailed over Yarra Old Grammarians by 80 points at Packer Reserve in a run away game.
The Gryphons played to their strengths in the first term, booting seven unanswered goals to keep the Bushrangers scoreless at the first break. Gryphon Julius Waras Carstensen was too strong vertically and couldn’t be challenged early.
Glen Eira piled on six more goals in the second.
The Bushrangers came late playing tempo footy, adding two goals to their score, but the Gryphons settled to take a 66-point half time lead.
After halftime, the Gryphons managed only one major in the third term, but kept the Bushrangers to only three goals, keeping their distance. The Gryphons then went on to pile on seven goals to three to take the comfortable victory. From the get go, the Glen Eira structures threw the Yarra boys off their game. It was also the quick pace that gave Glen Eira the points. Gryphon Carstensen booted a clean six goals, with Dan McDonald awarded the best. Rory Harbeck was string for Yarra with five goals, while Michael Scott was awarded votes in this tough game.
Yarra have been recently struggling with injuries, with an ever-changing list making it hard to play a consistent team style.
Hawthorn vs Ivanhoe
It was a very special round for Hawthorn as they took on Ivanhoe, with their Wings Beyond Blue Metal Health Round a great day for a special cause.
However, the Hoers came to rain on their parade, taking a 51 point win.
The Hawks were dominant in the first, but missed eight shots on goal, which allowed the Hoers to keep themselves alive early and take a one point first term lead. The Hoers took their foot off the break in the second term, as they added four majors, while shutting down the Hawks to only allow them one goal for the quarter. The poise around the contest was hard for the Hawks to keep up with. After halftime, Ivanhoe didn’t look to stop, as they worked to boot five more goals to take their lead to 47 points at the final break.
The defence again held the Hawks to only one goal in the term, which was disappointing considering the domination the Hawks couldn’t capitalize on early.
It was an even last quarter with both sides kicking three each, but it was too little to late for Hawthorn. Hawk Aaron Downie booted three, with BOG votes going to Joseph Murfet. For the winners, who have another testing game next week, their team efforts were shared in this great win.
MHSOB vs Whitefriars
Although their ground is significantly smaller than Whitefriars, Melbourne High have fallen victim to the Friars, by 62 points.
It was a tight first quarter, with the Friars trailing to a fast-starting Unicorns outfit by only 3 points. The Friars missed a number of shots on goals, which kept the Unicorns in the contest. It was another low scoring affair in the second term, with the Friars booting only one to MHSOB’s one. This is the lowest half time score the Friars have notched up all season. But, even though the smaller ground compressed their run ons, the Friars came out to play in the second half, booting nine unanswered goals to take the chocolates on the road to an undefeated season. MHSOB were injury stricken and have been for some weeks, which has seen them lose the last few games, which tests their chances of making the top four. Ben Burton kicked the Unicorns only two goals, while Angus Lane played his role. For the winners, there was a spread of nine goal kickers, headed by Kristian Height with two. Sam Kieseker was also strong for the Friars.
Round 15:
Bullen Templestowe vs Glen Eira
Glen Eira boosted their percentage last week against Yarra, but a new challenge against Bulleen with prove a big test. Glen Eira have been able to reinvent their structures, playing unforgiving footy and bursting through the middle to apply immense scoreboard pressure. Bulleen have recently been playing that relentless style, so this game will be a contest to see whose footy smarts prevail.
Glen Eira seem to have everlasting energy, which means they’ll play out a strong four quarters, which will test the Bullants, who were strong and competitive until the final term. This game will be won from the middle, with Glen Eira proving last week that they can’t be beaten in a hard contest. Glen Eira have the speed, Bulleen have the grit. Both sides are extremely stable through the middle so it’s up to the ruckmen to set up some game-changing plays.
Ivanhoe vs Power House
Coming fresh off the bye, Power House have a real chance to knock off Ivanhoe. When these sides met at the start of the year however, the Hoers were dominant and ran out a string game which tired Power House. Both sides love to play contested footy, so it will be interesting to see if any sides bring some new structures into this round. Power House big man Steve Devine has been in strong form across the ground, so he may be the game changer the House need if they want to win. Both sides would love an extra four points to their tally, especially the House, so be prepared for a tight battle, a hard muddy slog and some smart footy. It will be a tight match, but the poise of the Hoers from last time these sides met will put them in good steads.
MHSOB vs Hawthorn
Both MHSOB and Hawthron came off hard losses last week and this week, both sides are desperate to win, for their own reasons. The Unicorns love to play at home, but the Hawks also love their small ground, so this game will be a high scoring affair and of it’s a dry day, a game for the key forwards.
Hawthorn have been applying more scoreboard pressure over the past few weeks, which will test the MHSOB squad. The Unicorns however love to close down opposition at home, so watch out for James Tran and his men through the middle. Unicorn Ben Burton has been strong in front of goal, so he may be a new target for the Hawks to shut down.
The Hawks will be fuming after their loss last week, but have a great chance to jump over MHSOB due to injuries.
Yarra Old Grammarians vs Brunswick
This game will be season-defying for Yarra Old Grammarians, as their loss last week made it even tougher for them to keep in touch with the top 4. However Brunswick will not stop their surge in D2, looking to add another four points to cement their second spot on the ladder. They’ll need the four points to stay one game clear of Glen Eira, who are also on a roll at the moment.
The Nobbers have been playing strong four quarter games but will look to improve their starts and come out of the blocks firing, to kick away early and dominate. Yarra were shut down by the quick running of the Gryphons last week, so they’ll look to fasten uo their game and push themselves to spread quickly to avoid pressure applied by opposition. This may be a closer game than expected!
BYE- Whitefriars