Without the top-of-the-table Whitefriars in play this week, it was a chance for some other sides to show the rest of the competition what they’re made of. Brunswick again proved that a spread of efforts gets your side over the line, while Power House tested the Bushrangers. The Gryphons are proving that they are a team to beat in 2019, alongside MHSOB.

Let’s see how Round 7 went down…


Glen Eira vs Bulleen Templestowe

The Gryphons are continuing their impressive push in Division 2, with a 22-point win over Bulleen Templestowe.

The Gryphons got off to a flying start, booting five goals to the Bullants three in the first quarter.

But the Bullants showed their class in the second term, booting six goals to one to take a 15-point lead at the main break.

But, after their massive second quarter efforts, holding the Gryphons to only one goal and piling on six majors themselves, the Bullants ran out of steam and couldn’t mirror their hard work after half time. The Gryphons defence then tightened, only leaking 2 goals for the Bullants after the main break.

The midfield work from the Gryphons stopped any run-ons and therefore allowed them to work openly in their forward line to pile on the scoreboard pressure.

11 goal kickers again showed that in this competition, a team effort is harder to stop than a single performance.

For the Gryphons, Vaughn Colyer was impressive with two of his sides goals, with able support from Nathan Dennis (1 goal).

The Bullants saw another three goals from their ever-trusted Kristian Cherbakof, with Harry Vogler receiving BOG votes.


Hawthorn vs Brunswick

Brunswick continue on their merry way in the push for not only a finals spot, but a top position finish, with an 83-point victory over the winless Hawthorn at Rathmines Reserve. The Hawks however took an early lead, booting three goals to the Nobbers two, to take the initial lead and setting the game up to be closer than expected.

However, the Nobbers settled and kicked seven majors, while holding the Hawks to only two in the second term.

The Hawks struggled after halftime, kicking only two more majors, while the Nobbers, led by Jacob Adkins 10 goals, put on a show, with 11 goals to finish off the game.

Aaron Downie had two goals for the Hawks, with Tom Boots receiving the BOG votes.

For the winners, Jacob Adkins, 10 goal performance was rightly awarded the BOG votes.

The Nobbers are sitting comfortably as they head into their bye round and can rest some key players in order to refresh and keep fit for September.


MHSOB vs Ivanhoe

The boys from Melbourne High are on a steady path, as they collected another convincing win over Ivanhoe by 23 points.

Although the Unicorns were inaccurate early, with seven points in the opening quarter, they managed to claw their way back into the game in the second quarter.

The Hoers kept their scores low, kicking only two goals up to half time. Both sides had ample opportunity in front of goal, but were wasteful, which proved costly for the Hoers, as they were dominating early.

After halftime, a new MHSOB side entered the ground, booting five goals and holding the Hoers to only one major before the last term.

It was a low scoring last quarter, with both sides booting 2 goals each, but the third term work from the Unicorns kept them ahead and was the difference in the end.

With a spread of 9 goal kickers, the Unicorns are showing that team efforts are harder to stop than just a stand-out performance from one player.

James Tran, again added a goal to his tally, while Tim Campelj was awarded BOG votes for Melbourne High.

For the Hoers, Max Post was the only multiple goal kicker with three, with Wesley Mayne the best for his side.


Yarra Old Grammarians vs Power House

The Yarra Old Grammarians clan are back on track with a 45-point win over Power House at Doncaster Oval.

Power House came out all guns blazing early, holding Yarra to only three goals at the first break, while booting two of their own. The House allowed the Bushrangers to play their free-flow structure in the second quarter, leaking 6 goals. The Rangers utilised the wings and used their diamond structure around the stoppages, to overcome the Power House surge before half time. However, the boys from St Kilda regrouped and, led by River Carroll’s six gaols, clawed their way into the game with a massive third quarter, booting six goals, trailing by only 5 points at the final break. But their poise through the middle and the quick ball movement saw the Bushrangers boot six unanswered goals in the final term, to put their boys back on the winners list.

Nick Chamberlain had an impressive six goal performance, but the BOG votes fell to James Fleming who kicked three majors for the Bushrangers.

For Power House, River Carroll was voted best, supported by Kane Godwin across the wing.

The House should be proud of their efforts, but will need to string together four quarters to remain competitive in Division 2.


Round 8 Preview:

Bulleen Templestowe vs Hawthorn

Both Hawthorn and Bulleen Templestowe suffered hard losses last week, but will match up well in a contested, high-intensity game of footy. The Hawks have shown glimmers of hope, with strong quarter performances to take from their previous losses. As Hawthorn President Pat Clancey has echoed, the boys must be able to string together four quarters to show the rest of the competition that they do mean business.

Bulleen however seem to be on some upward trajectory, with Billy Wilson a strong presence that is hard to counteract in front of goals.

Both sides play some hard footy, but it is the side who will use the midfield the set up for multiple goal kickers, that will get the chocolates. The Hawks are hungry for their first win of 2019, but Ivanhoe have the experience and composure to get over the line.


Ivanhoe vs Yarra Old Grammarians

This game will be a test of two vastly differing styles, with Ivanhoe playing a more contested game, while Yarra Old Grammarians prefer to play free-flow, open footy. On the Hoers ground, they will command the game and keep the Bushrangers clogged up early, but from last weeks’ efforts, the poise and cleanliness of the Rangers is what will carry them through if the game becomes a closer tussle.

Watch out for David Wildsmith, who played semi-injured last week and still managed to dominate for the Bushrangers.

The depth of the Bushrangers will prove worthy as we approach the middle of the season, with the likes of Jackson Ford pushing for selection in this team who are getting back on track after a rough patch.

For the Hoers, Wesley Maybe has found some mid-season form and should be an issue for the Bushrangers to slow down.

Yarra seem to be calmer after their win last week and will look to string together four unbreakable quarters, so will be on top when the final siren blows.


Power House vs Glen Eira

Old Division 3 foes meet again and this time it’s in Division 2.

Last time these teams met was in Division 3 back in 2016, where the Gryphons had two prominent wins over the House.

The House need an early start to keep in contention, as the Gryphons have shown that they can pile on the scoreboard pressure early.

Power House played an outstanding, free-flowing third quarter last week, where their clearance work was unbeatable for 25 minutes. If they can work on carrying this pressure and keeping their heads up for four quarters, the Gryphons may have some work to do.

However, the ferocity and clean-cut possessions that have built this Gryphons team thus far will hold them above the House if the going gets tough.

Power House will be looking to change these old results, but the poise of the Gryphons and the teamwork will prove too strong to overcome.


Whitefriars vs MHSOB

Coming off the bye, there will be no stop to the Whitefriars show as they look for their next win of their flawless 2019 campaign.

MHSOB on the other hand have been on the upward trajectory, which could come as a test for the Friars.

These two sides will put on a show, both able to apply scoreboard pressure.

However, being on the big Whitefriars College home ground, the Unirons may struggle to play a shorter, comfortable game that they are used to on their home ground, which may prove costly in front of goal. It will be a log day of running for the Unicorns back men, as they look to implement a plan to stop Michael Nitas and his forward gang from annihilating the scoreboard.

Whitefriars have a ruthless spread of goal kickers, with 25 of the past 30 players booting at least one goal this season. This is a worry for the Unicorns, who must find ways to stop not only a handful of key forwards, but also the run on from multiple players who can score across the ground.

On the other hand, James Tran and his midfielders have been hard to stop over the past few weeks, which may shock the Friars, as the Unicorns look to match the pace around the middle.

While the Unicorns will give it a good crack and will show signs of composed brilliance, it is still hard to fault the Friars.