Hi all! I’ve been lucky enough to be endorsed by http://www.footyalmanac.com.au patron Peter Stirk, who chose the topic of ‘Workplace football’ for me to cover as part of his annual Young Writer support program. (Thank-you very much Stirky for this opportunity!)

It’s been an honour to delve into the history books to discover such a rich history and culture of different trades and industries who competed in many leagues across Victoria.

Here’s a sneak preview:

“Australian workplaces have traditionally been community environments that welcome all kinds of people. From morning teas, birthday celebrations, weekend catch-ups and bonding over shared passions of sports, music and even art, the workplace has proven to offer far more than an income to the people willing to get involved…..”

Want to read more? You’ve got to check the piece out on THE FOOTY ALMANAC now: