Mental Toughness Mental Fortitude’ is a well worn saying from the lips of Geelong Cats star Daniel Menzel, who, through four knee reconstructions from 2011-2014 created a motto that he lived by, and still lives by to this day.

From this simple motto that he printed on a wristband for himself, he created an empire; to help not just himself, but those who can relate and need support through long term injury, setbacks and eventual recovery.

In an interview with Daniel Menzel and his proud brand and company Mental Toughness Mental Fortitude, otherwise known as ‘MTMF’, I discovered that wristbands and merchandise are just part of an idea that has not only changed Menzel’s life, but many others too.

October 1st, 2011. After a breakout year, an injured Daniel Menzel sits in the stand at the MCG watching his Geelong teammates bring home premiership glory. He’s torn; happy for his mates, yet devastated for himself.

Little did he expect, the next four years would take him on a well documented journey which would test his mental and physical fortitude, in his strive to return to the playing field.

Daniel Menzel’s company which started 5 months ago, is a ‘sports consulting brand and company to help others through setbacks’ says MTMF summing up the brand and what it has offer.
There are plans for your recovery, a blog to keep up to date, challenges and fixes, a shop and general information about Menzel and his team working at MTMF.

Menzel has a team of three, who work closely with him. There is a Managing Director, Marketing Manager and Distribution Manager who each play their own major roles in running MTMF. Menzel himself is heavily involved in the recovery side of his company, and, despite being extremely busy with football commitments, has met up with a number of injured athletes to ‘help them out and give them some advice’.

MTMF has an open age bracket. Their programs are designed for anyone and everyone, no matter what the injury or setback, which includes use of recovery programs that assist in many scenarios.

The website has added personal touches to MTMF as a whole, evidently paying off, as they can relate to all sportspeople of all ages and circumstances looking for support they may not be receiving elsewhere. “We do like to understand if our customers are injured- and their purchase is a bi-product of their injury that we might be helping influence in some way.” Stated MTMF, entailing that they strive to continue as positive influences, whether that be through assisting recovery or simply buying merchandise.

When asked about Menzel’s involvement in the company that took 9 months to put together, MTMF confirmed that ‘Daniel has a major input in the business and marketing. Goals, plans, ideas are all shared together and bounced off each other.’ This highlights how Menzel is willing to do his bit for the company, as nothing is better than seeing the results your clients achieve.

To sum up the company, it seemed easy for Menzel to put his and his team’s hard work into words. ‘MTMF is about helping people through setbacks and challenges through the support and information we offer from OUR experiences.’

Even though MTMF is a small company, in their short time together, Menzel and his team have worked tirelessly to create something to be proud of, as personal and relatable brands don’t exist in very many places.

At my gym this week, I see a young girl, knee strapped up, determination on her face, struggling through a workout. She’s wearing her MTMF shorts. She’s not an elite athlete and she’s not performing on a major sporting stage, but she’s here; fighting and winning her own battles with MTMF behind her.

And Menzel has been there. He still is there in a way. He’s that girl in the gym, that guy in rehab, or the kid running laps in the rain.