Dear Mum,

I have always struggled to find the words to perfectly encapsulate the love I have for you onto a few pieces of A4 paper, but I’ve given it my best shot.

You brought me into this world almost 17 years ago and haven’t had a good night sleep since (sorry about the baby wake up calls and sick nights and now morning sport).

Yet, through these 17 years of sleepless nights and the occasional argument, you’ve raised me to be a fearless woman, who can hold her own, build herself up and love who she is, inside and out.

We’re not like the others, which is the best thing about you and me, mum, because our relationship is built on boldness and dreams and stories.

And it’s because of you that I can proudly say that I got it from my mum.

You push me to put myself out there and work hard on my blog, because there is ‘no harm in trying’.

You drive me to continually search for new ideas, because there is always a story out there to be told.

You continue to be my biggest cheerleader, even when I feel like I can’t make it.

Your wisdom and open mind has helped me to stretch my vision out of its comfort zone and to take every chance with a smile on my face.

Your work ethic is something I strive to achieve. Not only do you love what you do, but you work hard to consistently grow your skill set and help others too.

You make me proud, as a daughter, who can look up to a woman who is full of so much grace, so much power and persistence, yet so much patience, care and understanding.

Thank-you, for every sacrifice. For my education, my home, my opportunities, the roof over my head, the gifts, the driving lessons, the food, the list that is endless.

Thank-you for the late-night chats in the kitchen, when the boys are in bed and you want to be too, but you’ll stay up and just listen to me pour out my heart when you least expect it.

Thank-you for putting up with my sporting rants, my story ideas and my play-by-play analysis of every game, every week.

Thank-you for the laughs and the genuine care and the endless support, not just with writing, but with anything I set my mind to.

Thank-you for creating a life for me where I can receive an amazing education, at school but at home too.

Thank-you for being the broken heart healer, the advice giver, the carer, the believer; my believer.

You always tell me that everything should be taken and given in moderation, but I think the love I have for you is the only exception.

It’s infinite (and a half).

Love your proud and grateful daughter,